Choose the best aquarium pump for your fish tank

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How to choose the best aquarium pump for your fish tank?

When choose aquarium pump for your fish tank,please pay more attention to, flow, lift, quality, etc.

1. How does power affect the selection of aquarium pumps? Power In unit time, the amount of work done by the machine is called power, and the unit is kilowatt.

The source of diseased fish in many aquariums is that the power of the aquarium water pump is too small and the breeding density is relatively large. The submersible pump of the aquarium filter system cannot decompose the harmful substances in the aquarium, such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, etc. sick. Therefore, choosing the right pump is very important for aquarists.

Choosing a suitable submersible pump depends on whether the pump power is right. The factors to be considered when choosing a pump are: the size of the fish tank, the form of filtration, the richness of the filter material, the density of the culture, the size of the fish, and the type of fish. To put it simply, if the aquarium capacity is larger, the filter material is smaller and simpler, the culture density is higher, the fish is bigger, and the fish of the type of fish are more rapidly metabolized, the power of the submersible pump needs to be too large to be a suitable choice. .

Configure a suitable pump according to the size of the fish tank. It is more suitable to use a pump with a capacity of about 25 watts per 100 liters of water in a medium-sized tank that is filtered by a common top tank. For example, if the length of the fish tank is 1.2 meters, the width is 0.35 meters, and the water level is 0.5 meters, then the water capacity of the fish tank is 1.2*0.35*0.5*1000=210 (liter), then consider two pumps with about 25 watts, or It is equipped with a single pump of about 45 watts. Or consider splitting into two outlets, one for direct flow in the tank and one for water to be introduced into the top of the tank.

The aquarists probably know that the matching pumps of the finished cylinders currently on the market are mostly small in power and simple in filter media. Generally, the submersible pumps do not reach the rated power and flow rate indicated by them. Some novice fish farmers prefer a larger breeding density and feeding frequency when raising fish, and found that the fish did not grow for a long time and began to die. A big reason is that it is not clear that the density, type, and feeding frequency of the culture need to match the size of the tank and the strength of the submersible pump of the filtration system. Improving this phenomenon is to re-match your fish tank with the right pump.

What is the relationship between the flow rate and the choice of aquarium water pump? Flow rate, also known as water delivery, refers to the amount of water that the pump delivers per unit of time, in liters per second, cubic meters per second, cubic meters per hour.

The flow rate of the aquarium submersible pump is related to the size of your aquarium, the water level and the density of the fish. The general calculation method is that the submersible pump flow rate is 6-8 times the volume of your aquarium water. For example, if your fish tank size is 2m*0.9m*0.8m and the water level is 0.7m, then the water volume in the fish tank is 1260L, then generally you need a flow range of about 7560-10080L/H. So you can choose one 8000 or two 5000. If your breeding density is not very large, two 3500 are also possible.

How does the 3 lift affect the choice of aquarium pumps? The lift refers to the height at which the pump can lift water.

The unit is meters. It is the highest vertical height that the pump can pump water from the water outlet!

4 important impact on the selection of aquarium pumps? Pumps with poor quality and quality will have great safety hazards!

There are various problems such as loud noise, rusty metal parts, cracked wires, and no work. Therefore, when choosing a pump, you must choose some brands with good reputation and good reputation. You can't buy some pumps with poor quality just to save money.

What is the relationship between power, flow, and head?

The head, flow and power have a certain relationship. To ensure sufficient head and flow, the corresponding power must be provided. The low-power pump, because of its poor ability to lift water, not only has a small lift, but also has a sharp drop in flow with increasing altitude. Therefore, power should be used as an important reference when the height of the water is relatively high. . The actual flow rate of the pump is usually not easy to judge. If you only look at the flow indicators provided by the manufacturer, there may be a big difference.

Flow, everyone likes to choose a pump with a large flow rate, so choose the pump with the same flow rate, the smaller the power, the more the savings. For bottom filtration, the actual flow attenuation cannot be underestimated. The flow rate of the pump is proportional to the volume of the aquarium. Generally speaking, the flow rate/hour must be at least 2-3 times the volume of the aquarium.

Tips for use: Please clean the rotor and water blades regularly. Always clean the filter basket and filter cotton to ensure normal water inlet and good filtration effect, so the pump can be used for ten years or more.

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