2018 DC PUMP

Five Protection FunctionDry run protectionIf pump works in water shortage status,the pump starts working, and then stop. The&

  • Max Lift:: 6M
  • Flow: DC24V
  • Dimension: 30,000Hrs
  • Tank size: ABS,PES/SPS/PPS/PA66+30%GF (Optional)
  • Water Level: Aquarium,Fresh Fish Tank,Sea Fish Tank,Fish Farm
  • Media: Fresh Water,Sea Water and other Acid and Alkali Solution
  • Model No: Blue 6000
  • Power: 6000L/H
  • Outlet Dimension:: 25mm/32mm

Five Protection Function

  1. Dry run protection
    If pump works in water shortage status,the pump starts working, and then stop. The  pump will repeat this process automatically, to make sure it  will work properly once  resumes in enough water.This dry run protection  function can avoid pump burned in  the water shortage status.

  2. Stuck protectionIf the pump is stuck because it is not cleaned periodically. There is a "ERR" warning signal. And the pump will restart for 5 times, which can         eliminate  tiny impurities. After restarting 5 times, we can clearly know    that the pump must be  stopped for cleaning.

  3. Over voltage protection
    When there is something wrong with adapter, the voltage becomes higher. The controller starts protection status, the display shows "ERR" warnings. This can avoid controller burned.

  4. Low voltage protection
    When the consumption power is low, the displays shows "ERR" warning. 

  5. This can avoid insufficient flow rate.

  6. Overloading protection
    When the pipe is blocked, or too many impurities in pump body, the pump will be over  loaded. The pump will send out the waring signal and trigger protection function. It will be continuously started working to avoid being burned. 

1. Please clean the wave pump regularly to ensure their effectiveness.
2. If there have water on the surface of the controller, please wipe with dry cloth to prevent water from entering the control box.
3. When the pump stop working, first check the power adapter, then remove the foot of pump, open the pump lid by counterclockwise rotation, then clean the inner side of the pump.
4. This product is used in indoor, don't let the controller and adapter fall into the water so as to cause unnecessary losses.

1. Dry running is not allowed in order to guarantee the product performance.
2. Keep the controller and adapter away from water and water splash.
3. To avoid damage please don't open the controller and adapter.


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