How to choose the right fountain pump ?

2021-11-25 11:07:25 463

How to choose the right fountain pump

1. First consider the fountain pump flow and head. The universal fountain, without the color of the flower, as long as the head is satisfied, the flow rate can be almost the same. The color of the fountain with the color must meet the flow as large as possible, and the lift should be as high as possible.

 2. Use the fountain pump performance specification table. The pump type fountain pump factory provides this form in the product catalog. The performance of each model in the table has three rows of data. Which one is the correct one? The general design flow rate and design head should be consistent with the values in the middle row listed in the performance table, or close to each other, but must fall within the range of the upper and lower rows. Because the fountain pump is selected, the intermediate value is selected as the range. It is a high-efficiency area for pump operation. This type of fountain pump is considered to be in line with actual needs, and the pump is selected.

3. Use the fountain pump selection table to select the pump type. According to the determined design head and design flow, in the selection table, the horizontal head looks for the head value that matches or is close to the design head; The flow value is consistent with or close to the design flow, and the vertical and horizontal intersects the small square, which indicates the type of the pump, and the multi-stage pump type is initially selected. However, there are times when both pump types meet the design requirements. In this case, the two pump types can be compared for technical and economic analysis, and then one of the appropriate pump types is selected. This method of selecting a water pump is relatively simple and quick.

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